Aman Dhattarwal

An Indian YouTuber, Public Speaker, Influencer, career counselor, and educator.  He is also the founder of “Apni Kaksha” Btech in IT from NSIT despite. Aman is well known for his educational and motivational videos, which he uploads on his youtube channel.

Anurag Mishra

Anurag is the Creator/Host of the podcast 'Travelling Inwards - Living A More Meaningful Life'. Apart from being a versatile artist, he is also the co-founder of 'Here For You', a community which has been working towards the betterment of humanity and making kindness the new normal. Anurag is committed towards making other lives better through his actions. His thoughts inspire those who want to unravel the simple secrets of life.

Maha Vir Chakra Chiman Singh Yadav

A decorated war hero who played an important part in the liberation of Bangladesh during the 1971 War. He was even taken a prisoner of war during the attack and survived. He is now one of the last few survivors of the 1971 War.

Sajan Sachdeva

Mr. Sachdeva lost his legs to a terrifying electricity shock, and half of his body was burned. But that didn't stop the young man. In a case where any other human would have remained in the trauma, Mr. Sachdeva decided that he won't leave his life to fate. He took the high road, and eventually conquered a 21km marathon in under 3hrs. His courage, tenacity and positive attitude towards life has left us astounded.

Neha Arora

Neha Arora, is the founder of Planet Abled, which provides accessible travel solutions for people with disabilities. Neha worked with companies like HCL, Nokia & Adobe before taking the plunge to start Planet Abled. Born to parents with disabilities she experienced challenges in travelling. One such experience, became the tipping point for her to leave her corporate career and start the inclusive travel journey.

Priyal Keni

A Shiv Chattrapati Awardee, Miss Priyal Keni has represented India as a member of the Indian rifle shooting team at several international competitions such as the World University Games and the World Championships. She has a vision to ensure that every individual has the equal right and opportunity to play sports and build an inclusive sports culture by empowering more children to become leaders of tomorrow.

Ronit Ranjan

He’s a Life coach, Author, Poet, Ex-Army Cadet, Fitness and Nutrition Coach. He started a petition asking the Ministry of Education to incorporate a mandatory Non-graded mental health curriculum in Indian Schools (classes 9-12). For this cause, Ronit is solo-walking, covering about 4000 km from Kanyakumari to Leh. He started on November 16, 2020 and will be reaching Delhi on March 4, 2021 to share further about the campaign and his experiences throughout the journey, in his talk.

Mr. Shreyas Mendiratta, young talented extremely witty, and a great artist. He is one of a kind person you meet and never forget and that’s why the people know him on Instagram for his super fun and relatable content. Not only is his humor commendable but he is winning the hearts of the people with his mesmerizing voice. Making people smile with his amazing work and honestly saving us during the lockdown.

Shreyas Mendiratta

Radhika Sharma

Radhika quit her corporate job to quench her thirst for travel, and since then there's been no turning back. She has conquered dozens of places, both domestic and abroad, also turned this travel life into a dream for many of her followers. Apart from travelling and travel vlogging, she's also a blogger and a social media influencer.