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About the Event


Unravelling  the Purpose of Being

A team of 40+ imaginative minds got together and decided to pursue the legacy of TEDxVIPS. Months of incessant hard work and diligence boiled down to curating the 2022 edition of TEDxVIPS to ‘Unravel the Purpose of Being’. The event unfurled on 25th March 2022, drawing its meaning from an assorted panel of prodigious individuals with a strong vision to help others by narrating their experiences. These included Piyush Mishra, Shree Amogh Lila Prabhu, and Shaheen Malik, among others sharing the meaning of life in their authentic way. Being able to feel every word spoken on stage, our delirious audience was nothing but speechless. The event could really ‘unravel’ its true potential with the support of its partners like Brew House Tea, Bunk Pages, Clearsip, My Choice Bakery and Cornitos. The eye-opening experience ended with tons of attendees asking the organisers if it would happen again the following year. 

The Speakers


Harteerath Singh

Harteerath Singh, symbolising hope and courage amid the tornado named COVID-19, single-handedly set up the Hemkund Foundation. The foundation proved to be a reassuring mountain for reliability. This is his legacy, and this is what we hope to inspire through TEDxVIPS.


Vivek Jacob

Major Vivek Jacob completed one of the harshest Special Forces selections in the world and served as a pillar of the Indian military for 14 years as a special forces operator. He voluntarily left the Special Forces and founded Team CLAW global in 2019, with each member being an army veteran.


Shree Amogh Lila Prabhu

Amogh exerts a strong influence over the youth. He is the Vice President of ISKCON Dwarka and is famous for the Hare Krishna Movement. Besides being the co-faculty at IIM Ahmedabad for teaching ‘principle ethics and morality in leadership,’ he’s the director at ISKCON Youth Forum. 


Piyush Mishra

From being a catalyst of serenity with songs like “Husna” and pieces "Arambh hai Prachand," he has been a vanguard of the expression of art that humans thrive for. His contribution as an actor shook the cinema, for he possesses an extraordinary sense of direction. 


Ujjwal Kumar

Ujjwal is a music prodigy who can play over 20 instruments. He has done more than 250 stage shows and has been featured on news outlets like AajTak, the BBC and the radio. He is one of the first in the world to fuse Ghatam and the Handpan.


Dr. Siddharth Warrier

A doctor, a neurologist, a poet, and a philosopher, Dr Siddharth is making waves in the field of content creation.  With elements of logic and philosophy, his content breaks apart the mundane and helps us understand the mysteries of the world a bit better.


Shaheen Malik 

In 2009, Shaheen encountered her worst dread when she became a victim of an acid attack. The event changed her life completely. That’s when she decided to establish the Brave Soul Foundation. The NGO provides justice to acid attack survivors and continues to be a source of inspiration for millions of people.


IAS Sonal Goel

Mrs Sonal Goel is an IAS, 2008 Batch. She was featured in Top 25 Women transforming India by Niti Aayog, United Nations and MyGov in September 2016. Under her administration, Faridabad was ranked as the ‘Fastest Moving City at National Level’ in May 2017 by the Ministry of Urban Development.


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